A doula is a person trained to provide emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy and birth. A doula can provide childbirth resources and education that entrusts you to make informed decisions about your care, can help you understand your options for pregnancy & childbirth, and empower you to communicate your desires with your care providers.

It is our work to provide support through the choices you make for your own pregnancy, ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Benefits of doulas

Doulas provide compassionate nonjudgmental and unconditional support. Having a doula for your pregnancy and labor can help you deal with the unexpected, may decrease the length of your labor, and has been shown to improve your experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

But what does a doula do?

  • Meets with you regularly to discuss how you are, physically & emotionally, and provide resources & informational support.
  • Is on-call for your birth, ready to join you during labor to provide comforting measures, coping strategies, and help you be an advocate for the birth experience you want to have.
  • Meets with you regularly for up to two months postpartum, providing resources and support for your recovery and well-being, as well as for newborn feeding & care.
  • Available by text, phone, or email throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period for continuous support.